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Saint Art is Melding the Speed of Fast Fashion with a Sustainable Approach. Caroline Gogolak co-founder of Carbon38 is now bringing streetwear and uniform dressing to women with a new ethical label.

'Sustainable' has become a buzz word in the fashion lexicon. But in terms of who's doing the work, newly-launched label Saint Art is on the short-list of names that get it. From its use of dead-stock fabrics with a fast fashion-inspired design cycle, and unique approach to uniform dressing, the womenswear brand is tackling the industry's $500 billion waste problem from a unique angle. The label offers a practical blend of sportswear and athleisure in each monthly "drop" or release, inspired entirely by New York street style.


Founded by Caroline Gogolak, emerging label Saint Art is looking to be the next big thing in accessible streetwear, with a sustainable approach. To create a new sustainable approach to fast fashion, Saint Art operates within a 30-day design window to manufacture and deliver direct-to-consumer collections with low-waste production. The brand purchases its raw materials “way in advance,” in order to “drive the right goods at the right time” for its biweekly, limited quantity drops. Currently, the brand is working in stock (including vegan materials) and repurposes leftover and deadstock fabrications to limit waste. “We drop new products every month and launch about thirty new styles. Newness and trend is something we’re focused on and really after,” Gogolak added. “Our goal is to have a full outfit under $300.”


January's Hottest Fashion Drops: Saint Art Releases Drop 01.

Saint Art is a New York street style brand experiencing a meteoric rise—perfect timing for a buzzy release in 2022. Its new collection, “Drop 01,” draws inspiration from Wall Street tailoring to preppy schoolgirls while maintaining a wearable aesthetic. Romantic and sporty span across the spectrum via soft suiting and faux fur coats all the way to PJ sets and mock dresses in Saint Art’s signature paint splatter. We can expect more of its key silhouettes in upcoming monthly drops, a decidedly more sustainable option than fast fashion.


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Singer Justine Skye wore Saint Art’s electric blue patent coat while out in New York City over the weekend on Saturday, Jan. 22. She paired the blue outerwear with a black turtleneck and leggings with black platform boots and a quilted puffer handbag.